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Reviewed this episode: Annihilation 
(I for an I) Interested or Ignore: Red Sparrow
Trivia: Red Movie Trivia
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Time to roll out the red carpet and polish the brass stanchions. The velvet ropes are hung and the klieg lights fill the sky. Pick up your suit or gown from the tailor and polish your shoes… it’s Oscar Time! Well… almost. It’s getting close and our excitement for another marvelous year in film is palpable. This week on CinemaJaw Ry and Matt talk Oscars and make some predictions!

Addionally – There are a few categories that we think the Academy is missing. So we introduce the inaugural Annual  Jaw Awards! We polled a bunch of our critic friends and asked them to vote on the following:

Best Villain
Best Horror
Best Sci-Fi
Best Comedy
Hidden Gem
Most Re-watchable

The nominees and the results may surprise you.
A few of our favorite Oscar moments of the past as mentioned on the show are:

All that plus a great review of the latest sci-fi intelligentsia from filmmaker Alex Garland of Ex-Machina fame, Natalie Portman vehicle Annihilation.

It’s a jam-packed ‘Jaw as always!

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