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Reviewed this episode: Rush, Short Term 12, Searching for Sugarman, Fox The Gambler
I for an I: Gravity
Trivia: Astronaut Movie Trivia
CinemaWAR: Will Justin Timberlake be able to match Will Smith’s career?

Place your bets!

Gambling is an inevitable part of life, the wise choose to exploit it for money. Risk taking is as inextricable from our day-to-day as breath is from our very lungs. There is risk taking in everything that we do, from crossing the street to stepping into the shower. Life is fraught with ups and downs. Sometimes your chips are up, and sometimes they are down, but never is it worse than a long run of average hands that leaves you middle stacked, banal, boring, average, mediocre. Gamblers know this. The thrills, whether they win loose or draw, the pleasure is to play! I admire that. The same can be said of any art form. The painter who takes no risks and breaks no new ground is overlooked. Same may be said of filmmakers. Take a chance, put yourself out there. Risk. Gamble.


Our guest this week took a chance on a film about gambling that has thus far payed out. Vince Labriola’s latest, a 19 minute short film Fox The Gambler is an official selection at the Chicago International Film Fest! A feather in his cap to be sure, and we can’t wait to see his film again on the big screen! What a perfect reason to deal out a flop, turn and river of Top 5 Gambling Movies!

No sucker bets in this episode, as we also cover reviews, news, interviews, trivia, CinemaWAR, and a whole lot more! In fact, you may even want to double down!

No more bets (waves hand over table).


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