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Reviewed: The Marvels, The Holdovers
Top 5: Boarding School Movies
Trivia: Bire Larson Stump the Kubinski Movie Trivia
Celebrating This Month: Paul Giamatti

The Holiday Season is heating up, and movies are coming fast and furious… although thankfully no Fast and Furious movies right now. Pfil and the lads are trying to make sure nothing slips through the cracks and bring you a double dose of review revelry, or an extra helping 0f you will, just in time for Thanksgiving break.

Speaking of breaks, we review a movie about students being left behind at a boarding school over the holidays that sees the reunion of Alexander Payne and the man of the month, Paul Giamatti, entitled The Holdovers. In addition, we hop through a wormhole back into the MCU to check out the latest hyperactive superhero romp The Marvels.

In honor of The Holdovers, we take a look at a fascinating genre and bring you our Top 5 Boarding School Movies… there are more than you would think.

Don’t get held over on this ‘Jaw. Push Play Now!

Top 5 Boarding School Movies


  1. Dead Poets Society
  2. The Prisoner of Azkaban
  3. Taps
  4. Toy Soldiers
  5. Suspiria


  1. Never Let Me Go
  2. School Ties
  3. The Black Coat’s Daughter
  4. The Magdalene Sisters
  5. Class

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