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Guest: Clare Cooney
Reviewed: The Creator, The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar
Trivia: “Wonder” Movie Trivia
Celebrating This Month: Michelle Yeoh

This week on CinemaJaw we celebrate creativity (when don’t we really?) as we interview a guest whose career we have loved to watch grow!

Clare Cooney is an actor and filmmaker on the rise!

We got to hang out with Clare when her first short film Runner was making the rounds. Now her feature directorial debut, Departing Seniors is not only making the rounds but getting accepted into prestigious film festivals including the Chicago International Film Festival. We talk to Clare about film, filmmaking, what it’s like to get these things made, and what she is working on next.

In addition, Clare joins us to review both The Creator and The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar. Not to mention a return to the BEST/WORST segment where we give our best and worst in each category. This time our categories are Wes Anderson Actors, Martin Scorsese Films, and Sabotage Movies.

It’s a Jam-Packed ‘Jaw as always!


Sabotage Movies

Matt: Best Rogue One/ Worst Lost in Space

Ry: Best Dune / Worst The Ice Road

Clare: Best Whiplash / Worst Miss Congeniality

Martin Scorsese Films

Matt: Best (it’s Goodfellas, but) Taxi Driver / Worst Aviator

Ry: Best Goodfellas / Worst Silence

Clare: Best The Departed / Worst The Color of Money

Actors in Wes Anderson’s films

Matt: Best Willem Dafoe / Worst: Adrian Brody

Ry: Best Jason Schwartzman / Worst Frances McDormand

Clare: Best Edward Norton / Worst Owen Wilson

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