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Reviewed: Rebel Moon 2: Scargiver, Challengers
Top 3 Farming Movies
Trivia: Zack Snyder Stump the Kubinski
Celebrating This Month: Kirsten Dunst

This week we sew the fields, turn the soil, and farm up some good movies on our Top 3 Farming Movies. What is the fertilizer for this idea? Zack Snyders fresh and steaming pile (foreshadowing) of a sequel Rebel Moon 2: Scargiver. This film features some amazing slow-motion farming sequences that will NOT blow your mind.

We couldn’t leave you high and dry… you need a refresher after all that work. How about a second review of the new Zendaya vehicle, a steamy tennis story, called Challengers! That’ll get you motivated.

We round everything off with some trivia and other odds and ends.

It’s a jam-packed ‘Jaw as always!

Top 3 Farming Movies


  1. Children of the Corn
  2. The Martian
  3. The Fantastic Mr. Fox


  1. Field of Dreams
  2. The Promised Land
  3. Color Out of Space

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