Can a movie titled The Witch stir up the cauldron and come up with a magic potion that when spilled on the big screen would intrigue, scare, and creep out audiences? I sure believe so. Set in the 1630s New England the film opens up with a family being banished from a plantation due to having different beliefs than the others. The 6 member family settle in on a piece of land near a dark forest. Months pass and they farm the land, build a house, and give birth to a 5th child. That is when things get twisted. Slowly strange things happen to various members of the family. This pulls the family apart as they believe it to be witchcraft. I have to be honest, this movie freaked me out. It is not a jump out and scare you type of horror film. Instead it takes it’s time and relies on scary images to get under your skin. This builds to the final scene that will stay with your long after you walk out of the theater. I was scared of The Witch…..and I like that.

3 Jaws out of 4!

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