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Reviewed: Heart of Stone
Trivia: Stone Movie Trivia – Stump the Kubinski
CinemaWAR: Should James Gunn connect the films of his new DCEU or let them standalone?
Celebrating This Month: Seth Rogan

This week on CinemaJaw, we dip into our arsenal and pull out a weapon you’d never expect… a live remote from Chicago Fan Expo!


We’re also reviewing the latest film of Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot, entitled Heart of Stone. All of that got us thinking: what are the Top 5 Secret Weapon movies, a list was made.

Speaking of Wonder Woman, James Gunn is now at the helm of the DC films. Should he connect those films into one cannon, or let them each stand-alone? We go to CinemaWAR to find out.

Have a listen!

Top 5 Secret Weapons in Film


  1. The Crane Kick – Karate Kid
  2. The Force – A New Hope
  3. Odd Jobs Hat – Goldfinger
  4. The Pen – Gross Point Blank
  5. Frodos Mithril Armor – Fellowship of the Ring


  1. The invisible suit – The Invisible Man (2020)
  2. Implants – Possessor
  3. Gravity Drive – Event Horizon
  4. Red Matter – Star Trek (2009)
  5. The girl – Girl With All The Gifts
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