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Reviewed: Five Nights at Freddy’s, The Killer
Top: Stalkers in Film
Trivia: Michael Fassbender Movie Trivia – Stump the Kubinski
Celebrating This Month: Martin Scorcese 

Be sure to look over your shoulder… is there someone watching you? Following you? This week, we wrap up the spooky season with a deep dive on Movie Stalkers, and Stalker Movies (whichever you prefer) in honor of our paranoid reviews.

Speaking of reviews, we have a double dose for you this week. First up is a highly anticipated (by some) horror about stalking animatronics based on the video game of the same name, Five Nights at Freddy’s! Next on our hit list is the new film from David Fincher, starring Michael Fassbender, simply entitled The Killer.

You know that we like to end every episode with a trivia game, so Fassbender Trivia it is!

Keep one earbud out!

Top 5 Movie Stalkers/Stalker Movies


  1. Max Cady – Cape Fear
  2. The Invisible Man – The Invisible Man
  3. Russell Crowe – Unhinged
  4. Ryder – The Hitcher
  5. Chip – The Cable Guy


  1. Red Eye
  2. Watcher
  3. Unsane
  4. Alone
  5. Greta

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