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This week we finalize our wrap-up of 2023 with the guys as we cover our Top 5 Male Performances of 2023! Joining us is a guy who knows a thing or two about movies. In fact, he is A Movie Guy… Leo Brady!

Inspired by the great Roger Ebert, Leo reviews a wide range of films at, from big-budget blockbusters to independent films in need of an audience and everything in between. You might catch A Movie Guy haunting the red carpets and screening rooms at Film Festivals like the Chicago International Film Festival, South By Southwest, and Fantastic Fest just to name a few. He also likes to sit down with the Hollywood who’s-who including interviews with industry luminaries like Judd Apatow, Ruby Rose, Michael Fassbender, Louis Gossett Jr., and more! This week he is joining Matt K. and Ry The Movie Guy, lucky for them!

So what do you think? Did we get it right, did we get it wrong? Who did we forget from this year’s crop of dudes on film?
Listen and let us know.

Top 5 Male Performances of 2023


  1. Paul Giamatti – Holdovers
  2. Leonardo DiCaprio – Killers of the Flower Moon
  3. Ice Cube – TMNT
  4. Jaoquin Phoenix – Beau is Afraid
  5. Nicolas Cage – Renfield

Leo Brady:

  1. Cillian Murphy – Oppenheimer
  2. Koji Yakusho – Perfect Days
  3. Nicolas Cage – Dream Scenario
  4. Andrew Scott – All of Us Strangers
  5. Ryan Gosling – Barbie

Ry The Movie Guy:

  1. Cillian Murphy/Paul Giamatti (tie)
  2. Mark Ruffalo – Poor Things
  3. Ralph Fiennes – Roald Dahl Shorts
  4. Glenn Howerton – Blackberry
  5. Dominic Sessa – The Holdovers

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