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I think Danzig said it best when he said “Mother…”


This week on CinemaJaw we cover a very important topic, a topic SO important that none of us would even BE here without it… Mothers. Bad Ass Mothers, and NO, I’m NOT talkin’ ’bout Shaft. I’m talking about M.W.A.s or Movie Moms With Attitude. These are the women, both heroic and villainous (often both) who epitomize Girl Power. These are the characters that frighten, inspire, allure and repulse all at once. Hell Hath No Fury and all that jazz.

Who better to have in CinemaJaw Studios to help us cover this epic topic than one bad ass mother herself Nicole Knepper of the super-blog Moms Who Drink and Swear! So Nicole and the boys tackle this topic, as well as review some films, play some trivia, and read some headlines. This is one action packed episode NOT-TO-MISS! Oh, and coincidentally we recorded at the famous night club… Mother’s!

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Films Reviewed This Episode: Hangover 2, Midnight in Paris, Bridesmaids, No Strings Attached, and more…
I for an I: Super 8

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