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Reviewed: Creed 3
Trivia: Boxer Movie Trivia
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Wow. 600 episodes! Thanks to all you listeners (JawHeads) who have enjoyed our content over the years!

This week, we pull no punches as we take some jabs at Creed 3 and the Rockyverse in general. Mind you, I say jab to make a boxing pun, we all seem to generally be big fans of the series as a whole. Can this latest entry knock us out, or is it outmatched by its box-office competition?

Joining us to help decide is a bit of a Rocky expert. Paul Farber.

Paul Farber is the Host and Creator of The Statue, a mini-series podcast about the famous Rocky statue in Philidelphia. He is among the nation’s thought leaders on monuments and public space. Farber is the Director and Co-Founder of Monument Lab, a nonprofit public art and history studio based in Philly.

The Statue, produced by WHYY Digital Studios, examines a monument to the most famous Philadelphian who never lived: “Rocky Balboa” of the Oscar Award-winning film Rocky (1976).

The brand-new podcast illuminates the stories of real-life Philly boxers, explores the neighborhoods around the city that run parallel to the statue, shares what makes a monument, and more. From Philly to Hollywood and beyond, Monument Lab Director and host Paul Farber goes on a six-part personal journey to survey the biography of the Rocky Statue, where life imitates art.

Top 5 Boss Battles

5.) The Last Dragon – Sho’nuff
4.) Ghostbusters – Stay Puff Marshmallow Man
3.) The Lord of the Rings – Nazgul
2.) The Princess Bride – The 6 Fingered Man
1.) Aliens – The Queen Xenomorph

5.) Rocky 3 – Clubber Lang
4.) Rocky 5 – Tommy Gunn
3.) Creed 3 – Dame Anderson
2.) Rocky – Apollo Creed
1.) Rocky 4 – Ivan Drago

5.) Searching for Bobby Fisher – Josh
4.) The Revenant – John Fitzgerald
3.) Seabiscuit – War Admiral
2.) Gladiator – Commodus
1.) Kill Bill Vol 1 – Cottonmouth

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