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Reviewed: Finch, Spencer, The French Dispatch! 
Trivia: Tom Hanks (Hard Mode) – Stump the Kubinski
Celebrating This Month: Will Smith
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It’s time for another exciting, exhilarating, enriching, electrifying… REVIEW-O-RAMA!

This week we are taking a look at three films, one that nearly squeaked under a lot of radars even though it stars Tom Hanks! (Though it is picking up some buzz now). Also including a new film by the great Wes Anderson. Does he stay true to form with another whimsical hit, or has the Wes finally brought us a flop? Find out! No to mention the royally beautiful Princess Diana film with Kristen Stewart in the title role, Spencer.

Each review leads to a few discussion points.

Wow, it’s truly a Jam-Packed Jaw!

Pop in those earbuds!

Discussion Points

Finch Discussion Points:

Heartwarming Post-Apocalyptic Movies:

3.) Shawn of the Dead
2.) Fresh Bodies
1.) Anna and the Apocalypse


Any Actor Other than Tom Hanks for Finch??

Benedict Cumberbatch

Robert Downey Jr

The French Dispatch Discussion Points:

Best ‘Anthology’ Movie?


3.) The Ballad of Buster Scruggs
2.) New York Stories
1.) 4 Rooms

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