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Celebrating his latest short Volition, we are rejoined by none other than filmmaker, director, writer, Frank T. Ziede. Written and co-directed with his frequent collaborator Corey Gilbert (from p3 Mediaworks), Volition was the winner of the Magnanimous Screen Junkie screen writing competition. Check the video below for more.

Frank joins us on a pair of reviews that have us talking about action movies, aging, and M. Night Shaymalan.

Plug it in your ears!

Top 3 M. Night Movies (after Sixth Sense and Unbreakable)

3.) Split
4.) The Visit
5.) Lady in the Water

3.) Split
4.) Lady in the Water
5.) After Earth

3.) The Village
4.) Signs
5.) Split

Top 2 Aging Movies

2.) Relic
1.) Cocoon

2.) Benjamin Button
1.) Interview with a Vampire

2.) Amore
1.) Cocoon

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