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Simulations theory states that if it is mathematically possible that we are living in a simulation, then it is also probabilistically almost certain that we are. This encompasses many sub-theories like the Mandela Effect to name one. Many of these suppositions have been explored in film since film began. Dream states, layers of realities, parallel universes, etc. What if everything we see around us was just a simulation? What if this podcast was just a simulation? What if every movie ever made was only a simulation? Does a rose by any other name smell as sweet?

This week on CinemaJaw we take a deep dive into our Top 5 Simulation Movies… or do we?
We need a guide on this journey. Someone well versed in Science Fiction and fact. Enter William Hellmuth.

William Hellmuth is a director and cinematographer based in Southern California. His latest sci-fi short, Alone, recently celebrated it’s premiere on Dust, and we do encourage you all to check it out below. You can check out all of William’s work and stay in touch with him at his website.

So pinch yourself. Make sure you’re awake… unless pinching yourself is just an illusion…
Plug in your earbuds and get ready for a ride!

Top 5 Simulation Movies

5.) Source Code
4.) It’s A Wonderful Life
3.) The Institute
2.) Being John Malkovich
1.) Total Recall

5.) Speed Racer
4.) Tron
3.) Inception
2.) The Fountain
1.) Star Trek Generations

5.) Disclosure
4.) Virtuosity
3.) The Congress
2.) Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind
1.) Vanilla Sky

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