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Reviewed: The Wrong Missy, Come To Daddy
Top 5: Movie Dates
Trivia: Stump the Kubinski
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There are dates to the movies, there are date movies, and then there are movie dates. These are the magical and/or disastrous moments that couples share usually in getting-to-know-you mode. It’s a great way to introduce characters and provide exposition since dialog is expected on a date. This week, in honor of our review of The Wrong Missy, we pick each other up at 8pm and head out for a night on the podcasting town to cover our Top 5 Movie Dates.

We also review a title that you might not want to mention on a date, the new joint from Elijah Wood, Come To Daddy.

Make sure you swipe us in the right direction. We will meet you by the virtual bar, we are wearing a green sweater.


Top 5 Movie Dates

5.) Sideways
4.) Cable Guy
3.) Back to the Future
2.) Carrie
1.) Superman

5) Sideways
4) Roman Holiday
3) Jerry Maguire
2) Goodfellas
1) Karate Kid

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