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Hello JawHeads! This is the time for vacations. In fact, we were on a vacation ourselves. You’d never know it, however, because we were able to put together this full episode of CinemaJaw from a bunch of ancillary recordings we had just done. It all seemed to work out.

Speaking of vacations, when you go where do you stay? Whether you said Air B-n-B or a Hotel, we have you covered. This week on CinemaJaw in honor of vacations, and because we are recording a good chunk of the show at the Moxy… we are covering our favorite Hotel Movies.

Joining us is the Jaime Black. Among many other credits, he teaches a class via Air B-n-B on podcasting (see how we tied that in?). Jaime is also the man behind the Dynasty Podcasting Network and is pretty much a content machine.

As if that weren’t enough. We also managed to get a review of The Icarus Line Must Die and interviews with the filmmaker, Michael Grodner, and the star, Joe Cardamone.

It’s a Jam Packed Jaw As Always!

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