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Raising kids is so simple process. In fact, it is one of the toughest things we humans do in life. Doing so without a partner is more than doubly challenging… it is damn near impossible, but we do it anyway. It’s no surprise that the movies have many stories of single parents, both good and bad. The single parent story is rife with opportunity for drama which makes for great storytelling. This week on CinemaJaw we tip our hat to those pillars of strength as we find our Top 5 Single Parents in film.

We are doing this topic in honor of the film The Florida Project, a film that our guest produced. Darren Dean makes his second appearance on the ‘Jaw and it has been one hell of an interim time. Since we last spoke (around the time Tangerine was making its way in the festival circuit), his personal projects are being greenlit, and his latest collaboration with Director Sean Baker is getting the award season buzz. Exciting times!

Have yourself a listen to the ‘Jaw and give your parents a call, just to say thanks.

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