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Happy Thanksgiving JawHeads! As we get ready to gorge ourselves on stuffing and turkey and give thanks for all that we have, we must also face the truth… Thanksgiving is a stressful time for many families, and many of us argue. Whether it’s a political argument, or about the movies getting that many people together at one table with a couple glasses of wine often gets the mashed potatoes flying! We are here to say, don’t argue about the movies… leave it to us! Lest you wind up yourselves in a real-life legal battle! We are covering this topic in honor of the film Crown Heights, and we have one of it’s most important crew members onboard as the guest.

Joshua “Petey” Petersen is an NYC based Designer and Filmmaker. He is a member of United Scenic Artists (NY Local 829.) His work ranges from narrative film, television, and advertising, to animation, editing, and visual effects. As mentioned, his work in film includes the Sundance Award-Winning features CROWN HEIGHTS and ADVANTAGEOUS as well as John Magary’s critically acclaimed THE MEND, and the upcoming punk-rock horror film BOOGEYMAN POP. With a background in architectural drafting for interior design, as well as screenwriting and film, Petey combines multiple disciplines to weave story and character through the visual medium. This is an underexplored side of filmmaking that is vastly important! Petey tells us why.

So feel free to take seconds, and feast your ears on a fresh CinemaJaw!!

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