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ReleasedJul 09, 2010

(why this is the “lost episode”) Tornado sirens are wailing in the Chicago loop. It is an eerie feeling. The sky is a sickly green and the wind whips down Division Street past The Original Mother’s and CinemaJaw Studio. Reno (our amazing producer) is stuck at home! That was the scene two Tuesdays ago when we recorded this CinemaJaw. As luck would have it one of our wonderful affiliate stations producers called me that night, and since Reno was unavailable Matt and Ry decided to brave the, by then, much calmer weather and record this episode over at Slam Internet Radio ( What an adventure. They have a great set up, but they are still perfecting a few things. Reno has done a great job piecing this one together, but you can tell we are not in our usual haunt. Tell us what you think. So this week on CinemaJaw we cover an amazingly awesome topic with a great guest! Action films with Mike Hough. Mike has worked on lots of films and is a pretty buff guy, so he is more than qualified to throw down. Since we weren’t in our usual space we got a little more loose on the mic, and had a simply excellent time recording this. Let us know what you think!

Movies Reviewed:Toy Story 3, Alice in Wonderland, Diary of the Dead

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