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A Long Time Ago. In A Galaxy Far Far Away…
Ok well not that long ago actually, but we did record this week on the Empire’s shiny new space station, The Death Star! Hows that for a cool location? Of course we are here in honor of Rouge One hitting theaters this weekend. Since we are on the Death Star  and the Star Wars universe is famous for its rogues, we decided we would pop up our hoods, shake up our moral compass, and charm the pants off of our Top 5 Movie Rogues.
CinemaJaw Death Star Jack Newell
Joining us is a man whose efforts in public art could also classify him as a rogue, Jack Newell. Jack is a filmmaker, documentarian, and teacher at the Second City Harold Ramis Film School (which we discussed at length last time he was on with founder Trevor Albert). His feature comedy film Open Tables has just finished it’s festival run and is now available on your favorite digital services.  We follow Jack through his career as it led him from underground restaurants in Chicago’s Uptown, to the impoverished streets of Haiti via Colorado and NPR. It’s a fascinating journey we think you’ll enjoy!
So sit back and relax. This battle-station of a podcast is fully operational. No Bothans were harmed in the making of this episode:
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