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Reviewed This Episode: The Shallows, Tarzan
(I for an I) Interested or Ignore: The Secret Life of Pets
CinemaWAR: Which movie about radio is better: Good Morning Veitnam or Pump Up the Volume?
Trivia: Christoph Waltz – Samuel L. Jackson Movie Trivia

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Pets are a big part of our life. Animals who choose to live with humans and occasionally let us scratch thier little ears… of course we have many great examples of pets in film. This week in honor of new animated film The Secret Life of Pets, we take a look at the our Top 5 Movie Pets. We need a guest…


Next to film criticism, Chicago is well known for its public radio shows. Afterall, the city is home to WBEZ which gave us some of the best radio/podcast shows of all time! Enter Mr. Tyler Greene, Public Radio and Podcasting polymath. Tyler is an Event Producer, Podcaster, Storyteller for shows like: Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me, The Moth and Film Spotting. He is also producing the fist annual Sounds Like Chicago Podcast Festival this August, where his own pod will be headlining alongside some of your favorites.

Take a listento your favorite “pet” podcast…

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