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It’s easy to not see the film forest for the trees. As we get wrapped up into the stories on the screen (as we should) our minds do not comprehend all the “brush strokes” that make up the larger whole. If you take a step back, you will see them. The multitude of images and moments that add up to make a special piece of artwork. Some of them do stand out, and this week on the Jaw we take a look at those specific moments as we cover our Top 5 Images in Film.


Joining us is a man who is an expert on such a matter. Cinematographer, Thomas E. Ackerman, has photographed some of America’s most beloved classic comedies, as well as some of our new classics to boot. His entire filmography is impressive but just to name a few: Beetlejuice, Christmas Vacation, Anchorman and Jumanji rank among his most notable.  We could honestly gush for hours over the great actors, directors, and writers he has worked with, but today is about his work. Cinematography is so vital and integral to film, yet we often speak about a picture based on the performances or at best the direction. Rarely do we get to go in depth on the photography, without which there would be no film at all to speak of. Today, with Tom’s help, we correct that.

So close your eyes and allow your mind to call forth these images we invoke. Enjoy!

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