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This week on CinemaJaw we take a little action, throw it into a blender with a little comedy, throw in some drama and science fiction and hit puree. What comes out? An awesome discussion on Genre Mashups.

Joining us for this cinematic smoothie is none other that director, John W. Yost. John Yost is a filmmaker and multimedia artist from the Capital Region of Upstate New York, who has been exhibiting and screening his extensive and varied portfolio across the country. His work includes images from around the world, short films, and narrative features, including his 2009 feature film, The Brave and the Kind; distributed by IndiePix Films.


Often a hybrid of narrative and documentary, his work constantly seeks beauty, truth, and a greater understanding of the self. Stanley Kubrick, David Foster Wallace, Gus Van Sant, Omar Fast, and Radiohead headline his list of inspirations. And, he’s a fun guy to talk to as well!

We get mixed up and cover genre mashups and a whole lot more. So put your forehead on the wiffleball bat and twirl around as you enjoy this episode of CinemaJaw!

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