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It’s become an annual CinemaJaw tradition, and we know how lucky we are, that we get to travel to the nearby haunted attraction Statesville Haunted Prison. We are lucky not only because the director of the show at Statesville, John Laflamboy, keeps having us back but also because this happens to be one of the top haunted attractions in the nation and the world. This production is top notch. Anyone who is interested in film, especially horror, would be thrilled to see this rare behind the scenes look at what is essentially a living breathing (?) horror movie!


We take advantage of the opportunity to talk to John about Statesville Haunted Prison, his filmmaking career, his new and upcoming projects and of course HORROR!


As it turns out, we have never covered Vampire Movies… so why not. We go round robin and choose our Top 3 Vamp Movies each.

In addition to that this episode is dripping with all the usual bits and pieces you’ve become so hungry for. Devour it!


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