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Makin a list and checkin it twice!

This Holiday Season, don’t just listen to any ol’ advice. Go to the people you trust at CinemaJaw to help you make those xmas shoppin lists for the movie lover in your family… or just for you, because CinemJaw is droppin the GEMS of home theater shopping. While Matt K may famously think that physical media is dead, it still seems to fly off the shelves and true collectors rejoice because this episode we are picking the Best DVDs and Blu Rays!

Helping us choose is a guy on an epic mission. One that could take him 25 years or more. His mission… to watch every Criterion film! He is Matt Streets, also know as The Criterion Completist  over at Matt S. sits in on the entire episode and lends his tremendous expertise and shopping savvy to the show.

Add to it new segments including a new game and this episode is chock full of ju-ju yummies! Its Cinemalishous! Happy Holidays!

Matt Streets Criterion Compleatist CinemaJaw

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