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ReleasedDec 28, 2009

What better way to celebrate the holidays than with CinemaJaw? This episode Matt K and Ry the Movie Guy share the studio at Mother’s with Todd Fooks! You may remember him as Fook from his Q101 days, these days he hosts his own podcast Keeping Score in Chicago ( with Mark Konkol. The Washington D.C native is a 15-year rock radio veteran who’s worked in Georgia, South Carolina, upstate New York and the greatest city he’s ever called home, Chicago.

These days, Fook is a freelance comedy writer. His best poker advice: “Don’t bluff Donkeys.” Fook was the guy responsible for a “Moon the Bean” protest of the park district’s decision to keep Radiohead from playing at Grant Park … ultimately his listeners kept their pants on, but it was a valiant effort. If you see him at a Bucktown pub, buy him a whiskey and water on the rocks. Make it a Knob Creek. He doesn’t like the cheap stuff … just cheap shots.

So Matt, Ry and Fook go over their Top Five holiday movies. Matt takes on Fook in the Trivia game, we all play The BS Game, Matt’s B-Movie A-List, Ry’s Hidden Gem and more! This is a great episode. This Christmas give the gift of CinemaJaw…NOW AVAILABLE AT THE iTUNES STORE!

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