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And now… the end is near. And so I face… The Final Curtain. As you may have guessed by now, this week on CinemaJaw we are discussing the Best Endings in film. The ending is potentially the most important part of any good story. It is the final thought or feeling conveyed and can sum up what the film is about, or destroy what had been a great film up to then. Ry the Movie Guy likes to call it, the finish line. Does a film have that follow though to leave you quoting Keanu Reeves: “…Woah…”? We decided to find out which films have the best endings of all. Don’t worry fans, we are NOT doing this episode because CinemaJaw is ending or anything like that, but now that we think of it… when we do say goodbye (a long, long… LONG time from now), perhaps we will revisit this.

Our gracious guests on this episode are a couple of fine comedians here in Chicago, and fellow podcasters of the Somebody and Me Podcast: Pat and Rob. These guys were kind enough to have us on their awesome podcast, so it was high time to return the favor as best we can and have them on the Jaw!  The Somebody and Me guys join us for the whole episode and throw thier favorite endings into the mix. In addition to the above, all of your weekly fix of segments are here: I for an I, Trivia, Headlines and more! It’s chock full of crunchy CinemaChunks. Yum!

End of line…

I for an I: The Three Stooges
Reviewed This Episode: Mirror Mirror
CinemaWAR: Is the Total Recall remake ok?

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