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Reviewed: Beau Is Afraid, Evil Dead Rise
Top 3: Anxiety Movies
Trivia: “Air” Movie Trivia
Celebrating This Month: Kathy Bates

This week is a double dose of anxiety-inducing horror as we review the new Ari Aster movie, Beau Is Afraid, along with the latest entry into the Evil Dead-iverse, Evil Dead Rise! It’s enough to make you reach for the medications!

Joining us is a man who is calm, cool, and collected. Fellow film critic and one of the people behind the top-notch Chicago Critics Film Festival, the one and only Erik Childress!

Erik Childress got his start as a film critic back in 1998 and has been writing for the website,, since 2000 and has contributed to, Indiewire, Film Threat and more.  He is currently the Events Director on the board of the Chicago Film Critics Association and is the founder and a producer of the annual Chicago Critics Film Festival that began in 2013. Thier 2023 fest is coming up at The Musicbox Theater on May 5 – 11th. Visit their website for all the info!

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