Smile… You’re on Candid Camera!

Throughout the years a particularly haunting genre of film has resurfaced time and time again, most recently with The Hunger Games… Dystopian Films. Usually a subgenre of Science Fiction, dystopian Films typically depict a demoralized, dehumanized and subjugated society. Obviously themes vary wildly from entry to entry, but we here at CinemaJaw find these movies to be some of the most thought-provoking, harrowing, and beautiful films out there. So this week we will all choose our top 5. And to fight this fight we need a hero (or a guest). A man with no fear, a revolutionary, a renascence man… But we got Jonathan Fin.

Of course we kid. Jonathan is all those things listed above and more. He is a stand-up comedian, a filmmaker, a musician, a writer and a radio host. He truly is Chicago’s own renascence man and one of the most creative spirits that we’ve had on the show! So with Jonathan’s help we plunge into the dark void of dystopia. Pray we make it out alive… and not drunk.

To protect us on our journey are the ever present and tried-and-true segments: I for and I, Hollywood Headlines, CinemaWAR, Reviews, Trivia and a whole lot more. This episode is your mandatory medication, and remember… CinemaJaw is watching you…

I for an I: American Reunion
Reviewed This Episode: The Hunger Games, The Muppets
CinemaWAR: Is Titanic a good film? or over hyped?


We have to admit it, we are a little out of our element when discussing the great John Woo. A beloved filmmaker from the East with legions of fans… two of which do not host this podcast. DON’T GET US WRONG! We do enjoy Mr. Woo’s films and we respect his work, but we are no experts on the topic. Good thing we have an ace in the hole to help us.

Enter Mr. Collin A. Bullock. Chicago Stand-up Comedian and Podcaster extraordinaire! Collin is a HUGE fan of the Woo! In fact, it was he that suggested the topic, and since we love to get out of our comfort zone here on CinemaJaw… we bit. As has become tradition on our “In Depth” episodes, we go round robin on Woo’s Best, Worst, and Most Underrated films. As well as discussing the man in general. We also talk to Collin about his podcast, play some trivia, read some headlines and debate a CinemaWAR! Its jam packed with Wooey goodness! Take a listen, will ya?

I for an I: Mirror Mirror, Wrath of the Titans
Reviewed This Episode: 13 Assassins, Puss In Boots
CinemaWAR: Is Jonah Hill an A-List actor or not?

Now Streamin on Egen.Tv

Ok, Let’s get this out of the way… For the next few episodes at least, and possibly permanently, we are now recording LIVE before CAMERAS on EGen.Tv. This is episode is our first one in the new(?) space and there will be some growing pains. That being said, we think this episode turned out just perfect. We would VERY MUCH like to get your feedback on these next several episodes. What do you like, what could we do different or better, etc. Please do that by contacting us at MattAndRy[at]CinemaJaw[dot]com. We also hope you like looking at our ugly mugs. You can now watch CinemaJaw LIVE every Tuesday night at 8:30pm Chicago time at THIS LINK! Log in for free and tell us how our hair looks! We will also have links to downloadable video episodes SOON!

So in honor of our television debut, and 21 Jump Street coming up in theaters we decided we would take a look at The Best Movies Based on TV Shows. Who better to join us with all this new stuff going on than our go-to guy, Mr. Charles Klein! Its great to have Chuck on again as we forge ahead into new territory. Of course no CinemaJaw would be complete without CinemaWAR, I for an I, Hollywood Headlines, The CinemaJaw Movie Fact, and a whole lot of news and reviews! We even go Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, or some such nonsense. Its JAWTASTIC!

I for an I: 21 Jump Street
Reviewed This Episode: Undefeated, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, The Lorax, Tower Heist
CinemaWAR: Is the Hunger Games Over Hyped, or Will it be the Next Big Franchise?

He calls himself Deepthroat…

Since 2012 is an election year we decided to rock the political landscape. No we are not running for president…yet. We are talking about Political Movies. There is nothing quite as thrilling as the high drama of a good political film. Some of the best movies of all time fall into this category and it was high time that CinemaJaw go on the campaign trail and cover the best ones.

To join us on this noble mission we got none other than Inside The Squared Circle, and eGenTV host Frankie Rodriguez! Frankie joins us for the whole episode and we get down to some searius politickin’. Take a listen!

I for an I: The Lorax
Reviewed This Episode: Rampart, Dark Days, Sarah’s Key
CinemaWAR: Excited for the Spider-Man reboot? Or is it too soon?
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