A long time ago. In a galaxy far far away…

In what is sure to be a trilogy of Special Episodes (read: 6 part), we once again return to that galaxy far far away and take a look at our beloved Star Wars. It bears repeating, after all this year marks the 35th anniversary of Episode 4 A New Hope, the first of what would be come a long lasting cultural phenomenon. Star Wars has touched so many of our lives. Whether you were on board from Luke’s igloo on Tattoinee or grew up eating Jar Jar cereal doesn’t really matter, there is one common thread that connects us, it surrounds us and penetrates us, it binds the galaxy together. That thread is the love of Luke, Leia, Han and Chewy. The love of Star Wars.

Joining us once again aboard the Millennium Falcon of CinemaJaw is Star Wars expert, and Documentary Filmmaker Cris Macht. (Interestingly Chris shares a birthday, May 25,  with Star Wars and his last name, literally translated from German means Power, or… FORCE). You may remember Cris from our first Star Wars Special way back in episode 27. At that time he was touting his first film The Force Among Us. This time Cris is fresh off a successful Kickstarter campaign for his latest look at lightsaber lust, albeit a much more personal and emotional look, The Force Within Us. Chris is our co-pilot for the whole episode as we delve into the depths of this Sarlacc Pit.

All our greatest bits are covered. I for an I, CinemaWAR and a whole lot more. So enjoy this amazing episode of CinemaJaw, and May The Force Be With You!

I for an I: Prometheus
Reviewed This Episode: MIB3, Haywire, Albert Nobbs, The Woman in Black
CinemaWAR: Which is the cooler character, Han or Luke?

ReleasedMay 03, 2010

A Long Time Ago, in a Podcast Far Far Away… Dahhh Dah – da da da DAHH DAHH. Da da da DAHHH DAHH. Dun Dun Dun DAAHHHH. Ok, enough of that. So we finally did it… Our first foray into the fascinating world of Star Wars. Make no mistake, we talk about other movies too, but the main thrust this episode is that proverbial galaxy far, far…well lets just say it ain’t close by. We decided to start our journey into one of cinemas most celebrated, and hotly debated, series of films by taking a look at what has made this saga part of our everyday lives and so permeated the lexicon: The Fans. And who better to guide us through this subculture than Documentary Filmmaker Chris Macht.

Macht’s film “The Force Among Us (http://www.theforceamongus.com)” is a veritable love letter to the fans, and also serves as an entertaining look behind the curtain of Star Wars fandom. It’s a good watch from any perspective and is certainly the best gift for the Star Wars fan that has it all. High marks from CinemaJaw. With Chris Macht as our guide we explore the surface of all 6 films and ask some questions, both serious and silly. You decide! We have only begun on the topic of Star Wars… we will return to it in future episodes for sure.

We also have all the usual goodies: Trivia, I for and I, movie headlines, and even a new segment where Matt and Ry trade movies from their respective collections. Whew…. Enjoy!
Movies Reviewed this Episode: Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans, You The Living
Matt & Ry’s Movie Exchange: Dead Alive/In Bruges