Happy 4th of July!

Every Summer lately it seems that we movie-goers are treated (or subjected) to a glut of sequels, prequels, remakes and reboots. This summer is no different. So we here on CinemaJaw decided that it can’t be all bad (can it?), and this week we are taking a look at our favorite reboots, both real and imaginary. Some series of film begin strong but fizzle out and are in need of a fresh start. On the flip side, many, MANY series are rebooted just for the sake of a cash grab or an script option that would otherwise expire. It’s up to our boys in orange to sort through this mess and decide not only which ones are worth watching, but which ones Hollywood should make that they haven’t.

Joining us is Dynasty Podcasts creator,  Q101 alum, and current JBTV contributor: Jaime Black! Jaime is an experienced and storied radio personality and he knows a thing or two about about current movies and horror (thus a perfect expert in reboots). He will join the boys as they go round robin on the topic. Also ever present are our usual segments, I for an I, CinemaWAR, Trivia, and a whole lot more. So light the fuse on this CinemaJaw for the 4th of July and watch it streak across the sky in your mind and burst into a million colors on your eardrums. And the Home of the Brave!

I for an I: The Amazing Spider-Man
Reviewed This Episode: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, 21 Jump Street, Project Nim
CinemaWAR: Which Spider-Man love interest is more interesting: Emma Stone or Kirsten Dunst?

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Ok, Let’s get this out of the way… For the next few episodes at least, and possibly permanently, we are now recording LIVE before CAMERAS on EGen.Tv. This is episode is our first one in the new(?) space and there will be some growing pains. That being said, we think this episode turned out just perfect. We would VERY MUCH like to get your feedback on these next several episodes. What do you like, what could we do different or better, etc. Please do that by contacting us at MattAndRy[at]CinemaJaw[dot]com. We also hope you like looking at our ugly mugs. You can now watch CinemaJaw LIVE every Tuesday night at 8:30pm Chicago time at THIS LINK! Log in for free and tell us how our hair looks! We will also have links to downloadable video episodes SOON!

So in honor of our television debut, and 21 Jump Street coming up in theaters we decided we would take a look at The Best Movies Based on TV Shows. Who better to join us with all this new stuff going on than our go-to guy, Mr. Charles Klein! Its great to have Chuck on again as we forge ahead into new territory. Of course no CinemaJaw would be complete without CinemaWAR, I for an I, Hollywood Headlines, The CinemaJaw Movie Fact, and a whole lot of news and reviews! We even go Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, or some such nonsense. Its JAWTASTIC!

I for an I: 21 Jump Street
Reviewed This Episode: Undefeated, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, The Lorax, Tower Heist
CinemaWAR: Is the Hunger Games Over Hyped, or Will it be the Next Big Franchise?