Dorian WeinzimmerDirector - Chicago Rot

Dorian Weinzimmer: Co-writer, Director of Chicago Rot
Being the byproduct of a logic-oriented cinephile and a surrealist painter, 25 years seems like a long time to take to finally glean that one might be genetically predisposed towards filmmaking. Regardless of this introspective shortcoming, once discovered, Dorian has taken to this singular pursuit with the reckless passion characteristic of so many of the movies that he desperately hates. To be fair, Dorian hates a lot of movies, but from that hatred has sprung an optimism purer than most – his love for, and belief in, the still-untapped potential of the film medium has spun his disappointment into an honest desire to address this perceived deficiency. Chicago Rot represents his first feature-length effort toward that dream of contributing as much innovative, uncompromising cinema as he can to the world, no matter the cost.

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