Disney studios latest animated film may be about a bunny becoming the first of her species to become a police officer…..but if you peel the layers back on this carrot there is a deeper message to be had. Judy Hopps is a young bunny dreaming of becoming the first rabbit to make to police force. Flash forward a few years ahead and low and Judy’s dreams come true. She moves from her parents small town of carrot farmers to Zootopia – a city where all kinds of animals live in harmony. Soon she finds herself attached to a missing animal case that leads to a much bigger cover up going on. Along the way she befriends a fox – Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman) – who is a con-man by day, but decides to help Judy along. The story is not what make Zootopia stand out, it is the social justice issues it tries to tackle. Throw in some fun pop-culture gags and you have a fun, thoughtful animated picture.

3 Jaws out of 4!

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