Another year of CinemaWars, I for an I’s, Top 5’s and Jawbox stuffing is in the podcasting books. You spent all year hearing Matt K, Ry The Movie Guy, Eliaz Rodriguez and Engineer Pfil break down the year’s best in cinema, now it’s time for you to ‘Jaw about the movies!

[Pick the flick in each category, you think is worthy of the ultimate four Jaw click]

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“We got a jam packed jaw”- Ry The Movie Guy

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“What’s In The Box?!?!”-Audio Entrance of Local Filmmaker Eliaz Rodriguez

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Fun Fact: Pfil is fantastic at animation. You can see that we’re not lying to you by following him on Instagram @pfartist

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CinemaJaw Movie Fact: Documentaries are events that happened in real life, but recorded and edited into a movie film!!!

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TRIVIA: Who came up with the idea to start CinemaJaw, Matt K or Ry The Movie Guy?

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Answer: All-Time Guest Appearance Title Holder, Charles Klein

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QUESTION: Who is CinemaJaw’s favorite JawHead? You, it was always you. You had us at download.  

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As the credits roll on another year, awards season just started running the previews. Stay glued like the gum underneath your theater seat to the new and keep on Jawin’ about the movies.

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