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Limber up those vocal cords! It’s time to sing!

Singin in the Rain

This always makes me think of A Clockwork Orange...

Way back on CinemaJaw episode 17, we had an amazing guest in David Viggiano. He told us when we recorded that night that he would love to come back when we cover Musicals, and so he has! We welcome back David to CinemaJaw Studios and lay down one helluva jaw about the Greatest Musicals of All Time. Mind you, these had to be of the mostly non-animation type, in other words Disney and other kiddie fare notwithstanding (although those are great too). It was a difficult list to narrow down, and made Matt and Ry realize just how powerful a good musical can be.  If David comes back to CinemaJaw again (and he said he will!) It will be in June! 🙂
All of the above, plus… The Rematch! David takes on Matt K in another trivia bout.

Thanks for braving the Chicago cold, David!

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