Reviewed this episode: Glengary Glen Ross, Baby Driver, The Big Sick
(I for an I) Interested or Ignore: Spider-Man – Homecoming
Trivia: Drive Movie Trivia
CinemaWAR: Daniel Day Lewis is retiring- will he be missed or good riddance? 
Sponsored by: Cards Against Humanity
What’s in a name? Everything. For instance, CinemaJaw. When you hear that made up word you have a pretty good idea of what we do. Sometimes film titles are right on the nose… And sometimes they can be hilariously misleading. This week on CinemaJaw we take a look at our favorite Misleading Movie Titles.
Joining us is a writer-director team whose name maybe enigmatic but not misleading.
Enter Fatal Funnel Films. Philip Plowden and Devon Colwel are the co-founders who met on set of Chicago filmed TV shows at Cinespace. Thier latest short film Cellar Door has been garnering the team awards and is positioned to be a lead in to thier second feature. All of which we untangle.
So have a listen to something that does not have a misleading name. CinemaJaw!
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