Now officially into triple digits, CinemaJaw pauses this Valentines Day to reflect on love, romance, candy and stuff like that… You know, stuff like Prison Movies! What sweeter way to celebrate the holiday of Love than a day late and with a discussion of prison? We couldn’t think of one. We needed a cellmate in this stint in the clink, luckily James VanOsdol was on Skype with us playing the fresh fish.

You may know James from his work on Q101, his many WGN Television appearances, his ChicagoNow blog, or as the latest addition to the pioneering Steve Dahl Podcast Network. This guy is a prolific personality, and we had a great convo on media, prison films, and life in general. Thanks to James for being on the Jaw!

James joins us for the whole episode as we cover our top 5, I for an I, Movie Reviews, Guest vs. Host Trivia, Hollywood Headlines, CinemaWAR and a whole lot more! So escape from the prison of reality with a mp3 file baked into a cake: CinemaJaw!


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