CinemaJaw 258, Best of CinemaWAR

Reviewed This Episode: Creed CinemaWAR: several! Sponsored by: Cards Against Humanity, Moviepass  After 25o-something episodes, there are a lot of stories to tell. Thanksgiving is the perfect [...]

Bonus Episode! Inteview with Rachel Belofsky of ScreamFest LA Horror Film Festival

Sponsored by: Iron Galaxy Welcome to our Halloween Special Bonus-sode. This is a short interview with a great voice in Horror, and creator of ScreamFest LA Horror Film Festival, Rachel Belofsky. [...]

CinemaJaw 252, Statesville Haunted Prison’s John Laflamboy – Best Vampire Movies Halloween Special

Reviewed This Episode: The Martian I for and I: Crimson Peak Trivia: Guillermo del Toro Movie Trivia CinemaWAR: Which Director is the better Tom Hanks collaborator, Ron Howard or Steven [...]

CinemaJaw 251, ICON SHOWPLACE – Best Movie Theater Scenes

Reviewed This Episode: The Intern I for and I: The Martian Trivia: Ridley Scott Movie Trivia CinemaWAR: Dinner before the movie or after? Sponsored by:  AB Mobile Apps, MoviePass, Cards Against [...]

CinemaJaw 250! Patrick O’Rourke – Best Workplace Movies

Reviewed This Episode: Black Mass I for and I: The Intern CinemaWAR: Is Johnny Depp done with the silly roles? Trivia: Anne Hathaway/Jake Gyllenhaal Movie Trivia Sponsored by:  Basecamp, Blu [...]

CinemaJaw LIVE at Geekbar, Hackers 20th Anniversary – Best Movie Hackers

This episode is dedicated to Shawn King owner of Evil Squirrel Comics, and a good friend.  Reviewed This Episode: Mistress America Trivia: Johnny Depp Movie Trivia Sponsored by: Jackbox Games, [...]