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CinemaJaw 184, Movie Club: Citizen Ruth & Dark Comedy

Reviewed This Episode: Citizen Ruth, Awful Nice
I for an I: Need For Speed
Trivia: Movie Car Trivia
CinemaWAR: Is Aaron Paul Ready for the Big Screen?

Welcome to another fine episode of CinemaJaw. This week Ryan and Matt take a look at their favorite Dark comedies in honor of this month’s CinemaJaw Movie Club pick, Citizen Ruth. They also go in depth on Alexander Payne’s Citizen Ruth with plenty of feedback from the Jaw Heads woven in.


Also, Ry got out to the Midwest Independent Film Festival last week and caught up with the creators of indie comedy Awful Nice. Awful Nice, filmed in Branson, MO by director Todd Sklar, his co-writer and lead Alex Rennie and an outstanding cast and crew. Thanks to Mac from MIFF for arranging the interview!

All that plus some announcements. It’s a jam packed ‘Jaw as always!

I for an I: The Grand Budapest Hotel 
Trivia: Wes Anderson Movie Trivia
CinemaWAR: Should the Watchowskis make anouther Matrix film?

“It puts the lotion in the basket”, “I’m your number one fan!”, “heeere’s Johnnny!” If these quotes terrify you, then you’re not alone. Seeing psychopathy portrayed on the silver screen can be a harrowing and fascinating experience. Just like the crash on the highway that we do not want to look at, but at the same time can not look away from, psychos have captured our attention and seeped into our nightmares. That is why this week on CinemaJaw we are taking a look at our Top 5 Movie Psychopaths.


Joining us on this journey to the dark corners, is a man who is well known for his turn as the psycho, the character Trevor in the massively successful video game Grand Theft Auto V, actor Steven Ogg. Who better than the man behind the deranged and murderous lunatic that we all love to take on joy rides in GTAV to help us pick out the best movie psychos? No one.  In case you didn’t know Steven was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and had his acting debut with the National Film Board of Canada, he will be in the upcoming film by Justin Zimmerman, Safe, and is one hell of a cool dude! Seriously, after hours and hours spent playing Trevor and basking in Stevens amazing acting and performance as the character, getting to talk to him was a real treat. Thank you Steven for joining us, and JawHeads we know you will enjoy this episode… or else we will find you…

CinemaJaw 182, The Oscars 5 Years Ago w/guest Owen Weber

Reviewed this episode: Ender’s Game
I for an I: Nonstop
Trivia: Airplane Movie Trivia
CinemaWAR: Which series should stop now, Terminator or Transformers?

Let’s face facts. The Academy gets it wrong QUITE often. They botch it, screw it up, kerfuffle, and take a mulligan. Especially when looking back years after the fact it is easy to see the glaring mistakes that make the word snub seem meaningless. Don’t get me wrong, we here at CinemaJaw LOVE LOVE LOVE the Oscars! It is our Super Bowl, our World Series. We just wish that maybe they would reflect of the lasting impression of a film and perhaps wait 5 years to name the winners. That is why this week, we are taking a look at the 81st Academy Awards, the awards given to the films of 2008, which took place in 2009. What did they get right, get wrong, and what films were overlooked completely?


Joining us this week is comedian/filmmaker extraordinaire, Owen Weber. Owen Weber is a Detroit native who has spent the last eight years in Chicago performing live and creating comedy shorts . He has worked with nationally-touring comics like Chelsea Handler (E!’s Chelsea Lately), Greg Vaccarello (The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The King of Queens), Steve Iott (A&E, Comedy Central) and Ben Creed (Comedy’s Dirtiest Dozen).  Owen can currently be seen doing standup and improv at a variety of venues across the Midwest. so, Owen journeys with us down this Oscar hole (that sounds dirty) with us and helps us second guess the Academy 5 years after the fact.

Take a listen!


Reviewed this episode: The Logo Movie
I for an I: Three Days To Kill
Trivia: Day Movie Trivia
CinemaWAR: Is Jennifer Lawrence  overrated?

Hurry! The clock is ticking and this week’s episode of CinemaJaw is set to explode! Naturally we are discussing Race Against the Clock Movies.

The ticking clock which is sometimes quite literally used in movies is an age old plot device. It can give a story a sense of pace and urgency at its best. At its worst it can give a story a hackneyed excuse for being in a rush. On this episode of CinemaJaw we take a look at the best, and even some subtle uses of the Race Against the Clock.

We need a pair of demolition experts to help defuse this topic before it blows up. Let’s bring back “Mr. Action” himself, and Writer/Director of Black The Web Series Frank Ziede for his second appearance on the ‘Jaw. Joining Frank is Jon Phillips, Producer of Black and he is good at clipping the green wire! We settle in with our dual guests at a top secret facility known as P3 Mediaworks, they were so kind to host us and buy us pizza! Jon and Frank having successfully wrapped season one of their Action/Espionage series are about to launch a Kickstarter to raise enough funds to launch season two bigger and better than ever. We promise to let you know when the Kickstarter is live, and encourage you to help them reach their goal because Black is a series that is a cut above the rest.


So put on that bomb suit and send in the robot to grab this podcast. Before time runs out!

CinemaJaw 180, Death & Air Guitar w/guest Justin “Nordic Thunder” Howard

Reviewed this episode: Silent Running
I for an I: RoboCop
Trivia: Detriot Movie Trivia
CinemaWAR: Is Jessie Eisenberg right for the Lex Luthor role?

This episode of CinemaJaw is dedicated to the memory of Philip Seymour Hoffman

philip seymour hoffmanThe topic this week was a challenging one as we explore Actors Who Left Us Too Soon in honor of the late great Philip Seymour Hoffman. A difficult thing to discuss. Luckily our guest and his status as a World Champion Air Guitarist (yeah, there is such a thing as you will discover) provided the perfect counter balance to what would have been too heavy a topic.

We have had a great many guests after 180 episodes, and choosing between them is like choosing between ones children. That being said, Justin “Nordic Thunder” Howard was an excellent guest! Our interview of Justin is one that I will point to through our current catalog of episodes as one of our best, I am really quite proud of this audio. Perhaps I am bias here, but I honestly believe that this is one of our best episodes to date!



But enough gushing. Have a listen and a laugh and a cry with Justin Howard and the CinemaJaw guys as we discuss something insanely silly and then something extremely serious and find the seriousness and silliness in both.

CinemaJaw 179, Best On-Screen Crews w/guest Marty DeRosa

Reviewed this episode: The Past, In a World, Her
I for an I: The Monuments Men
Trivia: Treasure Hunt Movie Trivia
CinemaWAR: Who is the better Actor turned Director, Ron Howard or Clint Eastwood?

wariorsThis week on CinemaJaw we are looking at the ensembles, the teams, the gangs, the on-screen crews! Don’t be confused, we are not discussing “Crew” as in behind the scenes. We love those guys too, and YES we will do an episode on them as well. These are the rag-tag motley crew (not crue)s that somehow add up to more than the sum of their parts. The kind of group we would all love to be a part of if even just for a couple hours.

Tagging in to help us in this royal rumble is a fantastic guest! Marty DeRosa of Wrestling With Depression podcast fame and Chicago comedy polymath. The guy has an awesome podcast (as we mentioned) does a weekly web series with fellow comedian and wrestler Colt Cabana, is part of a well known comedy showcase called Comedians You Should Know, and somehow finds time to do amazing stand up comedy. Marty was kind enough to join us to talk about his projects, WWE Monday Night Raw, his obsession with wrestling and of course… movies.



So just relax as you are already tangled up in the ropes. Here comes a steel chair of podcastery to smack you upside the head!

CinemaJaw 178, Best Movie Geeks w/guest James D’Amato

Reviewed this episode: The Act of Killing, Drinking Buddies
I for an I: The Awkward Moment
Trivia: Successful Child Actor Movie Trivia
CinemaWAR: What is the biggest Oscar snub, Before Midnight or Inside Llewyn Davis?



Nerds, dweebs, dorks, freaks, neo-maxi-zoom-dweebies and especially geeks… Listen up, because this podcast is about you! Well, the “you” that has been portrayed on the big screen that is.

Something strange has happened this generation. What was once sure to get you a wedgie, or worse the dreaded swirly, is now… kind of cool. I know, I know, it freaks me out a bit too, but for some reason having a comic book collection and being able to name all the actors who have portrayed Dr. Who isn’t NEARLY as unpopular as it once was. The term “geek” is worn proudly, like a badge of honor these days as the sad, socially isolated weirdo stereotype is being replaced with a savvy, sexy (gasp), and confident reality. I can assure you that this was not the case when I was in high school, though I am not bitter. I am happy to have lived to see the geeks inherit the Earth! I may yet give them a congratulatory swirly!

We can postulate many reasons why this above fact may be true (the one about geeks being cool, not the one about swirlies). Perhaps the internet’s mass communication capabilities let the geeks know that there were so many others out there like them, whereas before they remained isolated. Maybe shows like Big Bang Theory and pop consumer electronics like smart phones and tablets have given rise to the geek as a well paid sex symbol. For the most part the geek is smart, successful, and affluent. The bullying and abuse has largely given way to respect, and plus, I think we geeks just plain outnumber the norms these days. Huzzah.



And yes… We can still help you fix your computer.

But before we open a command prompt, we are discussing our Favorite Movie Geeks this week on CinemaJaw.

Our guest, returning by popular demand for his second appearance on the ‘Jaw (here is his first) is none other than role playing game podcaster, and improv comedian… James D’Amato. And since I just mentioned the words “role playing game” and “improv” in the same sentence as Jame’s name, and since he admits to once LARPing on this episode… I think it is fair to say that James is a proud geek.


James is with us for the entire episode as we discuss our favorite Movie Geeks, and a whole lot more. So push those glasses up the rim of your greasy nose and straighten that bow-tie, we have some movie nerds to name, and some stereotypes to squash. (see what I did there?)

Again I say, Huzzah!


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CinemaJaw 172, 1983 in Film w/guest Derek Hembree

Reviewed this episode: Dallas Buys Club, All is Lost, Thor: The Dark World
I for an I: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Trivia: fire Movie Trivia
CinemaWAR: should Prometheus get a sequel?  

Step into my time machine…

This week on CinemaJaw we take a step back in time to a simpler age. GI Joe and Transformers were grappling with the Cabbage Patch Kids  for Toy supremacy and the box office was on fire with some of the best films of all time. Seriously 1983 was a DAMN good year for movies, and we choose our favorites!

Joining us on this mission is a man who knows a thing or two about history. Author, Filmmaker and fan of boozin’, Derek Hembree of Drunken History. Derek sits in with us for the entire episode as we discuss the year 1983, and a whole lot more.

Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads!

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CinemaJaw 171, character Actors w/guest Jamie Campbell

Reviewed this episode: Free Birds, Beverly, Salinger
Trivia: State Movie Trivia
CinemaWAR: Are we going into the digital age too fast?

thatGuyThat guy who was in that thing…

Ah the Character Actor. Commonly referred to as That Guy (or That Girl) who was in that thing… you know… with that other dude who was in that other movie… This goes on and on. These are the unsung work horses of Hollywood who effortlessly carry a film with their talents and are rarely recognized for it. while the leading men and women giddily jaunt down the red carpet the flashbulbs tend to pause on the Character Actors turn down the crimson rug, while the paparazzi colectively wonder to themselves “who is that again? I know I’ve seen him before”, and they have… we all have. This week on CinemaJaw we go ahead and shine the spotlight into the dark corners of the Character Actor and see who we can find in obscurity.

2013-11-06 21.48.38

On this quest, we pad ourselves up, wearing rubber waders, oven gloves and safety goggles (Character Actors can be an elusive prey) we are joined by Chicago comedy mainstay and talk show host Jamie Campbell. Jamie joins in for the entire episode as we call out our favoite Charater Actors, have a CinemaWAR, play some Trivia and a whole lot more! It’s like that one movie… you know…  the one with That Guy?  Oh it was AWESOME!


CinemaJaw 170, Best Movie Battles w/guest Charles Klein

Reviewed this episode: Captain Phillips, Carrie
I for an I: Thor the Darkworld
Trivia: Dark Movie Trivia
CinemaWAR: Which Star Wars prequel is better, Phantom Menace or Attack of the Clones?

battleWe don’t have to beat them… we just have to fight!

Battles. Since the dawn of humanity, and probably long before, battles have raged. Glory, valor and justice can be found within. No one can deny the excitement of a great battle, the adrenaline and power they produce. While we do not celebrate war for wars sake, good vs. evil is an important fight and the escapism of movies can be a safe place to explore the horrors, comedies, and human experience of conflict. This week on CinemaJaw we take a look at our Top 5 Battle Scenes from film in honor of Thor and Ender’s Game in theaters this month.

Joining us, his shining armor highly polished is CinemaJaw regular guest, filmmaker and curator of Indie Incubator Film Fest, Mr. Charles Klein. for those of you who don’t know Chuck has been a guest many times on the ‘Jaw talking up his Film Fest, short films and various projects. We are happy to have him back on to battle with us!

speaking of battles, this weeks episode features a CinemaWAR for the ages plus I for an I, Trivia and a whole lot more. as Ry The movie Guy is fond of saying: It’s Jam Packed!

Cry ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the dogs of war!