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Happy 4th of July!

Every Summer lately it seems that we movie-goers are treated (or subjected) to a glut of sequels, prequels, remakes and reboots. This summer is no different. So we here on CinemaJaw decided that it can’t be all bad (can it?), and this week we are taking a look at our favorite reboots, both real and imaginary. Some series of film begin strong but fizzle out and are in need of a fresh start. On the flip side, many, MANY series are rebooted just for the sake of a cash grab or an script option that would otherwise expire. It’s up to our boys in orange to sort through this mess and decide not only which ones are worth watching, but which ones Hollywood should make that they haven’t.

Joining us is Dynasty Podcasts creator,  Q101 alum, and current JBTV contributor: Jaime Black! Jaime is an experienced and storied radio personality and he knows a thing or two about about current movies and horror (thus a perfect expert in reboots). He will join the boys as they go round robin on the topic. Also ever present are our usual segments, I for an I, CinemaWAR, Trivia, and a whole lot more. So light the fuse on this CinemaJaw for the 4th of July and watch it streak across the sky in your mind and burst into a million colors on your eardrums. And the Home of the Brave!

I for an I: The Amazing Spider-Man
Reviewed This Episode: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, 21 Jump Street, Project Nim
CinemaWAR: Which Spider-Man love interest is more interesting: Emma Stone or Kirsten Dunst?

We’re on a mission from God.

CinemaJaw likes to think of itself as a worldly podcast. We watch plenty of foreign film, and even stuff from L.A., yet there is something special about watching a movie (a really really cool movie) that was filmed right in your own backyard. Of course for us that  is Sweet Home Chicago.

Chicago has been the scene for a number of very important films from the silent era straight up to last Summer, with no end in sight. Filmmakers are drawn to its beauty, grit, infrastructure and a host of other amenities that make this a great city to make a movie in. So this week on CinemaJaw we take a look at our Favorite Chicago Scenes. Mind you NOT just Chicago Movies as we discussed over 100 episodes ago with Kathy Byrne. The films we are talking about do not HAVE to be filmed completely in Chicago, though many are, they just have to use the city and it’s character in a pivotal and memorable scene.

We will need a tour guide on this mission. Someone who can navigate this bus through the many many famous landmarks of Chicago Scenes and give us some wisdom on the way… Who better than Patrick McDonald of the Chicago Film Tour? No one. He is the best. Patrick is also a writer at the wonderful movies blog and has had some amazing experience in the film industry. What a great guest.

In addition to that we will make the usual stops on this tour, I for an I, CinemaWAR, Trivia, and a whole lot more. It’s my kind of town!

I for an I: Ted
Reviewed This Episode: Madagascar 3, The Skin I live In, The Artist
CinemaWAR: Is Adam Sandler’s careers washed up?

Poster boys.

This week on CinemaJaw the boys take on an art project. Before we see the trailer, and long before we see the film, we see the infamous Movie Poster! It is the first image and first impression that gets us riled up to see those popcorn killers. As you can guess, getting the movie poster right is absolutely critical and lots of time and money go into these works of art. Many poster are just recycled crap design, but this week on CinemaJaw we highlight the BEST OF THE BEST! So many of us take these “marketing materials” as ephemeral junk, to be discarded and replaced by the next, not respecting the connection they have not only to art and cinema but also history. Sadly many are lost.

Enter this weeks guest: rescuer of history, and owner of one of the most valuable movie poster collections in the world, Mr. Dwight M. Cleveland. A man who has literally saved historical (and highly collectible) movie posters from the scrap heap. Dwight tells us all about his museum worthy collection, finding posters in strange places and his ultimate goal of finding a new and worthy home for his archive. In addition to that we have our placard gallery of segments: I for an I, Reviews, News, Trivia, CinemaWAR and a whole lot more.

Matt K. & Ry The Movie Guy’s poster picks are all readily available to view online, but Dwight’s are understandably a little more esoteric. So As promised in the episode, here they are: (NOTE – These are in NO PARTICULAR ORDER! You will have to listen to the episode to find out which is Dwight’s favorite!)

Put this episode in a frame and display it with pride!

Reviewed This Episode: Prometheus, Moonrise Kingdom, Coriolanus
Special Thanks to: Eliaz Rodriguez of Wood Sugars for Guest Producing this episode!


We have to admit it, we are a little out of our element when discussing the great John Woo. A beloved filmmaker from the East with legions of fans… two of which do not host this podcast. DON’T GET US WRONG! We do enjoy Mr. Woo’s films and we respect his work, but we are no experts on the topic. Good thing we have an ace in the hole to help us.

Enter Mr. Collin A. Bullock. Chicago Stand-up Comedian and Podcaster extraordinaire! Collin is a HUGE fan of the Woo! In fact, it was he that suggested the topic, and since we love to get out of our comfort zone here on CinemaJaw… we bit. As has become tradition on our “In Depth” episodes, we go round robin on Woo’s Best, Worst, and Most Underrated films. As well as discussing the man in general. We also talk to Collin about his podcast, play some trivia, read some headlines and debate a CinemaWAR! Its jam packed with Wooey goodness! Take a listen, will ya?

I for an I: Mirror Mirror, Wrath of the Titans
Reviewed This Episode: 13 Assassins, Puss In Boots
CinemaWAR: Is Jonah Hill an A-List actor or not?

CinemaJaw 103, In Depth: Meryl Streep


Meryl Streep is clearly one of the most talented actors of our generation, and possibly of all time. Having just won what was probably the most talked about Oscar of this last season, Matt K and Ry The Movie Guy decided that it was time to tackle this overdue “In Depth” look at her amazing career. Specifically her Best, Worst and Most Underrated films. There is no doubt that Meryl is a national treasure and someone who we will be talking about, and being entertained by for many generations to come.

But, don’t worry. We’re not going all artsy fartsy on you. This episode also features CinemaWAR, I for an I, Trivia with front bar victims Danny and Vivki, and a whole lot more! Streep… Just had to say it one more time.

I for an I: John Carter
Reviewed This Episode: Pina, The Way,
CinemaWAR: What is the Better Mars Movie? Mars Attacks or Total Recal
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He calls himself Deepthroat…

Since 2012 is an election year we decided to rock the political landscape. No we are not running for president…yet. We are talking about Political Movies. There is nothing quite as thrilling as the high drama of a good political film. Some of the best movies of all time fall into this category and it was high time that CinemaJaw go on the campaign trail and cover the best ones.

To join us on this noble mission we got none other than Inside The Squared Circle, and eGenTV host Frankie Rodriguez! Frankie joins us for the whole episode and we get down to some searius politickin’. Take a listen!

I for an I: The Lorax
Reviewed This Episode: Rampart, Dark Days, Sarah’s Key
CinemaWAR: Excited for the Spider-Man reboot? Or is it too soon?
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Now officially into triple digits, CinemaJaw pauses this Valentines Day to reflect on love, romance, candy and stuff like that… You know, stuff like Prison Movies! What sweeter way to celebrate the holiday of Love than a day late and with a discussion of prison? We couldn’t think of one. We needed a cellmate in this stint in the clink, luckily James VanOsdol was on Skype with us playing the fresh fish.

You may know James from his work on Q101, his many WGN Television appearances, his ChicagoNow blog, or as the latest addition to the pioneering Steve Dahl Podcast Network. This guy is a prolific personality, and we had a great convo on media, prison films, and life in general. Thanks to James for being on the Jaw!

James joins us for the whole episode as we cover our top 5, I for an I, Movie Reviews, Guest vs. Host Trivia, Hollywood Headlines, CinemaWAR and a whole lot more! So escape from the prison of reality with a mp3 file baked into a cake: CinemaJaw!



Should we feel old?

Against all odds, and Reno’s better judgement, The Greatest Movies Podcast Ever: CinemaJaw has reached it’s landmark 100th episode! So this is a very special CinemaJaw indeed. For our first half, we reveiw some movies, go I for an I, and the usual. We also reflect back on what it has been like lo these 3 years of recording the podcast and even play a few of our favorite clips from the archives. Then… whooo nelly.

We threw an awesomely WEIRD party down at the Original Mother’s with some performances that, well… if you weren’t there you just cant imagine anyway. Then it was Matt K and Ry The Movie Guys turn to take the stage. Many of our close friends and past guests were in attendance and even comment on the two live segments. We have recorded it all and present it to you as our second half of our 100th Episode Extravaganza! We hope you enjoy it.

Thank you one and all for listening to us, here’s to 100, 200, 500 more! Viva la Jaw!

I for an I: The Vow
Reviewed This Episode: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
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This week on CinemaJaw we go In-Depth on Mr. Batnipples himself, George Clooney. To be serious, this guys has become a Hollywood powerhouse as an actor, director, and producer. Matt and Ry take a close look at his Best, Worst and Most Underrated films, and discuss his career in general.

Later in the episode the Flaming Dames, who were practicing for the big 100th Episode Extravaganza join us to has out a CinemaWAR and take on Matt K in trivia! All that plus, Hollywood headlines, I for an I, and a whole lot more.

Batnipples. I just like saying it.

I for an I: The Woman in Black
Reviewed This Episode: The Iron Lady, 50/50, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop
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Come and meet Matt K. and Ry the Movie Guy at the CinemaJaw 100th Episode Extravaganza!Jan 31st, 8pm at the Original Mothers!

Series… Film Series…

This week on CinemaJaw we choose our top 5 in a category that just wont quit: Film Series! These are the stories about a character, or world, or what-have-you that are just so damn good, that One is Not Enough! While some series go on way past the point of jumping the proverbial shark, many franchises turn out quality entry after quality entry. Admittedly those are few and far between, so we needed some help to choose our top 5. Enter agent Michael “Mike”  Hough, a friend and regular guest on CinemaJaw. Mike joins the boys to discern exactly which series are deserving of the Jaw’s wag.

Also major anouncements about our upcoming Episode 100 Extravaganza (Jan 31st, 8pm @ Mother’s 26 W. Division) continue! All that plus the rouges gallery of segments: I for an I, Movie Reviews, Guest Vs. Host Trivia, Hollywood Headlines and a whole lot more! So stop polishing your Walther PPK and take a listen!

I for an I: The Grey
Reviewed This Episode: Ides of March, Trust (a Ry’s Hidden Gem)
Jaws of Life: Pretator, Total recall, Comando
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Come and meet Matt K. and Ry the Movie Guy at the CinemaJaw 100th Episode Extravaganza! Jan 31st, 8pm at the Original Mothers!